Foam In Place News

About Us, a division of PakSouth, is the source for pre-owned Sealed Air Instapak® foam-in-bag and foam-in-place hand held systems.  We have a combined 45 years of experience selling and servicing Instapak® systems.  With our 31 step certification process we insure that our valued customers purchase Instapak® equipment that is in excellent operating condition.  From SpeedyPacker® foam-in-bag systems, Instapacker® Tabletop foam-in-bag systems, and Instapak® 900 series Hand Held systems we will provide outstanding value for your system investment. 

The Instapak® packaging process has long been the standard in excellent product protection.  Our experienced Instapak® packaging team members will help determine which system and foam formulation provides the best packaging solution.  Together with the confidence of purchasing "certified" Instapak® systems we will also coordinate your system installation with the local Sealed Air representative.  Installation support and packaging training will be provided at your facility to insure that your transition to Instapak® foam packaging is seamless.

At we would like an opportunity to discuss the potential to purchase your used Sealed Air Instapak® system.  This may include the purchase of a SpeedyPacker® foam-in-bag system with a discount for trading in Instapak® 900 series equipment or an Instapacker® TableTop system.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to discuss your packaging application and Sealed Air Instapak® System requirements.  Thank you for visiting